STORY - About play on words


1979 年東京生まれのデザイナー・原田史子は、








また2011年から共同経営を始めたgallery cadocco(東京/西荻窪)での数々の企画・



Established in 2009, play on words has expanded to present not only Tenugui

(Japanese towels), but also Washi (Japanese paper) products,

with a focus on traditional craft techniques.


Born in Tokyo in 1979, Fumiko Harada, a graduate in Textile Design at Glasgow School of Art, set up the brand to combine her passion for Japanese traditional crafts with the unique animal drawings from the Edo period of Japanese history (1630-1868).

Each design has an individual theme and is hand drawn at her home studio in

Nishi-ogikubo, the so-called West End of Tokyo. Fumiko aims to introduce

these beautiful crafts to people's everyday lives - tradition with a contemporary feel.

The delightful textile patterns which are synonymous with the brand are now applied to

beautiful hand made papers, sourced in collaboration with the expert paper merchants Wagami-do.

Working closely with director Mr. Asano, whose knowledge and expertise are indispensable,

Fumiko is able to work with craft makers from all over Japan who use local paper making techniques to create each product. The products are completed with letterpress and hot stamping processes by various specialist artisans in Tokyo to reproduce Fumiko's drawings.

You will feel the quality when you handle the items.

Use it, feel it and give it to your friends!